Dear Friends, Clients, Neighbors, March 26, 2020
Have you heard the saying “This too shall pass?” It refers to the Buddhist concept of impermanence. I like to think that by physically distancing ourselves from each other that we will help flatten the curve of Covid-19 but remember to stay connected to each other. Pick up the phone, plan a zoom call with friends, attend a virtual meeting or event and know that “This too shall pass.”
President James Garfield once said, “Of course I deprecate war, but if it is brought to my door the bringer will find me at home.” Not many people want to face difficulty in life, but when it happens, like it is right now, let’s be ready and “prepared to open the door.” Not to be surprised but dressed, with the right mind-set and ready to go.
With this in mind, please let me know what real estate information I can provide to you while we are flattening the curve.
Do you want to list your house to sell now, or this spring or summer?
If so, let’s be prepared with photography, virtual tours, and more to help buyer’s experience your asset from afar. The San Francisco Peninsula/ Silicon Valley market is active. Buyers are searching online now more than ever. Let me share my Seller’s Guide with you.
Do you want to buy something in San Mateo/Santa Clara County? I am certain you are looking online too! Experience properties for sale with virtual tours and study listings to familiarize yourself with the market. Let me send you my Buyer’s Guide.
Have you met with a lender? If you know you’ll need a loan, now is the time to get pre-approved. Make a strong offer on the property you want with a pre-approval letter. Let me help you set yourself up for success.
I have resources that I am happy to share with you.
Let’s use this time wisely!
Stay well, Stay positive, Stay healthy.
Let’s be ready together.